Media & Music

When I think of music, especially popular music, one of the first things that comes to mind are the controversies of each musician and their reputations. I don't purposely go around looking for it, but I see and hear about it every day, whether it’s through TV, social media, magazines or even on the radio.... Continue Reading →



For this final book project, I chose to make a children book about two penguin friends named Waddles and Wobbles. I decided to make this because after being a nanny for almost seven years I've read hundreds of children books and thought I give it a try, and I thought it would be fun. This... Continue Reading →

Museum of Photographic Arts

I went to the Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA) on October 29, 2017, and then again on November 26,2017. First, let me start out by saying galleries and museums are not my favorite things, I don't have the patience to stare at art for long periods of time. So when I heard I had to... Continue Reading →

ABC Challenge

Since I missed class when we started this project I wasn't able to start at school, so I took most of these photos around my house in Encinitas. For the most part it was pretty easy to find letters but there were a few that took me so long to find. I wasn't looking forward... Continue Reading →


Street photography is a type of photography where a photographer goes out into the world and takes photos of the people and places they see. It can sometimes be referred to as documentary photography; which means to document a moment in time. Shutter speed is how fast the lens opens and closes. Aperture is how... Continue Reading →

Photo Booth Project

For this project, I chose to take photographs at Belching Beaver Brewery in oceanside. They were having their fifth year anniversary party so there were a lot of people there. My brother works at the brewery and told me I could take photo booth photos during the party. Since the area where I was taking... Continue Reading →


In this letter from Anna Deavere Smith, she writes about how artist need support from people other than artists. As I thought about what she said I realized that’s what she saying is basically; become friends with people who are not like you because by doing this you can broaden your audience and make a... Continue Reading →

Silver & Light

This video about artist, Ian Ruthner was very inspirational. He built his own camera because he wanted to to make large, one of a kind prints. He uses silver and light to capture a moment frozen in time, as he says. At one point in the video, Ruthner get really frustrated that none of the... Continue Reading →

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